Options To Consider When Getting A 13-Carat Diamond Engagement Ring

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A 13-carat oval-cut diamond engagement ring will prominently feature a large diamond. Other than the diamond's size and elliptical shape, however, the ring can have many different design features. If you're getting this type of ring for a soon-to-be fiance, here are some options that could make it extra special.

The Precious Metal

What metal the ring is made of is foundational to the piece, and you have several options. 

Gold is perhaps the most classic choice, but you don't have to remain with only the traditional yellow gold. White gold and rose gold both add a colorful coating, making the metal look either silver or pink. These can add personality and dress up the piece. Be prepared to have the coating reapplied after a few years, though.

Silver is another commonly chosen metal, but its prevalence stems partly from its lower price. If you're investing in a diamond that's 13 carats, you probably want a high-end metal. White gold would be a suitable choice, as would platinum.

Platinum is silver-like, but much more expensive. Its price makes this one of the most premium of all precious metals. Platinum is also very hard, so it won't get dinged up as your fiance wears it while doing routine things.

Any Additional Gems

While the 13-carat oval diamond will undoubtedly remain the major focal point of the engagement ring, it can be accented with other gemstones. Additional gems can be set beside the diamond, or you can have them set all the way around the ring.

If you decide to add gemstones, either diamonds or other gems are options. Diamonds will accentuate the sparkliness, and other gems make it possible to express your fiance's individuality. You could even alternate little diamonds with gemstones of their favorite color.

The Wedding Ring

Don't forget to also choose a wedding ring when you purchase an engagement ring, for the wedding ring should match. 

Wedding rings are usually plainer than engagement rings, but you could add some embellishments. Engraving or small stones around the ring might be appropriate. With such a large diamond on the engagement ring, the wedding ring could be dwarfed if it doesn't have anything special on it.

The Case

The case is often overlooked, for it pales in comparison to the engagement ring itself. Make sure you choose a box for the ring that both you and your fiance like, however. Consider the color of the box, especially if the ring has colored gemstones. A matching box makes for a striking presentation.