Sensitive Ears? Earrings To Consider

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If you have sensitive ears, then wearing earrings can be a challenge for you. You might experience pain or sensitivity when you wear certain styles of earrings or find bulky or longer earrings painful to wear in general.

Just because you have sensitive ears doesn't mean you cannot wear earrings at all, you just have to shop smartly for the earrings that will work best for you. Sensitive ears can wear earrings of many styles, and here are just a few you can explore.

Hypoallergenic studs

If your ears are super sensitive to earrings but you want to wear them anyway, then consider hypoallergenic earrings. These are earrings that are typically nickel-free and made of surgical steel or other quality metals to give the wearer more comfort. Studs are smaller in design and meant to create a simple appeal as jewelry, and can come in tiny shapes or be flat but wide for a more noticeable effect.

Studded earrings often come with a wide post for keeping the ear holes open and free of debris and bacteria, so keep this in mind as you shop for earrings for your sensitive ears. Your jeweler can help you find hypoallergenic studs that will work best for your needs.

Hollow earrings

If you love the idea of longer, dangling earrings but don't want the bulk, consider buying earrings that are made with hollow insides. This makes them lighter in design. Plastic beads, feathers, and other adornments that are lightweight yet enjoyable can also make wearing earrings more pleasurable for you with your sensitive ears issue.

Small hoops

Hypoallergenic hoops that are small and thin create a minimalist look in your ears while still being earrings you can easily enjoy and wear daily. Small hoops can be worn with studs and other earrings so the ear holes you have that are sensitive to bulky or nickel earrings can be adorned while mix and matching the other earrings you wear in other holes.

Small hoops can come in a variety of materials, from surgical steel to rose gold to true gold or even sterling silver. Make sure the hoop earrings you choose are solid precious metals and not plated nickel. If you do choose plated earrings, make sure they are surgical steel, titanium, or even brass.

Choose a budget and begin shopping for earrings you'll love to wear, even if you have sensitive ears. It's wise to visit a jeweler to initially pick out your earrings, then you can buy your earrings online or via other outlets once you find styles you like and can tolerate well.