Reasons That You Might Favor Lever-Back Earrings

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When you visit your local jewelry store to shop for earrings, the design on the front of each pair of earrings is probably what you're first assessing. At the same time, it's good to get in the habit of looking at the backing of the earrings, too. There are many different backing styles that are available, and each has its own set of pros and cons. One backing style that you'll often find is lever-back earrings. As their name indicates, these are earrings that have lever mechanisms affixed to the rear of the earring. Here are three reasons that you might wish to choose lever-back earrings when you shop for jewelry.

They Won't Poke Your Skin

A lot of earrings are equipped with push backs, which means that you push a small piece of metal onto the earring post to hold it in place in your ear. While there are certainly several advantages of this design, some people find that push backs can occasionally cause pain because the end of the post is exposed. Namely, any pressure against the ear can cause the post to jab into your skin. Sometimes, the impact can be significant — resulting in considerable discomfort. A big reason to choose lever-back earrings is that their smooth, rounded shape will prevent any issues of this sort.

They Won't Ever Fall Out

It's possible that you've had experiences with losing earrings in the past, and this can be a difficult situation to face — especially if the earrings were valuable or you had a sentimental connection to them. An earring that has a fish hook back doesn't always stay in place. For example, if you remove an article of clothing by lifting it over your head while you wear earrings with fish hook backs, it's possible to inadvertently pull an earring out of your ear — perhaps causing it to fall without you noticing. Lever backs are a good choice for security because they will not easily slip out.

They're Easy To Clip Shut

In general, you'll find that lever-back earrings are easy to clip shut. Once you pass the earring through your earlobe, you simply reach behind it to grab the lever and then clip it shut. Other earring backs can be more difficult to handle, especially if you struggle with the dexterity of your fingers due to a condition such as arthritis. For example, an earring with a screw back may be challenging to handle. Visit a local jewelry store to browse its selection of earrings.