Having Your New Pieces Of Estate Jewelry Repaired

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Buying estate jewelry can be an excellent way of getting unique accessories for a good price. However, many of these jewelry items may have suffered damage or other wear. When this is the case, there are estate jewelry repair services that can handle these issues for you. This article can help you understand more about the process and dispell some common myths about jewelry repair.

Myth: Any Jewelry Repair Service Can Work On Antique Jewelry Pieces

It can be common for the pieces of jewelry that are found at estate sales to be antique or otherwise historic. This can lead to some additional challenges when having them repaired. If you are wanting to preserve the historic value of these pieces, they will need to be restored following best practices and using original materials. Otherwise, the appearance and value of the jewelry piece could be decreased. When you are needing repairs made to antique jewelry pieces, it can be necessary to use a service that specializes in restoring antique jewelry pieces to their original condition, as they will appreciate the nuance that is required by this work, and they will have the specialized tools that are needed to work on these older pieces of jewelry.

Myth: Estate Jewelry Is Only Worth Repairing If You Have The Original Jewel

Unfortunately, it is a common problem for older jewelry to have lost its jewel. While it may be true that the jewel can be one of the most valuable components of the jewelry piece, it can still be worthwhile to have jewelry items that are missing their jewels repaired. In fact, this can represent an opportunity for you to add the type of jewel or gem that is the most important to you or that you prefer the most. A jewelry repair provider will be able to easily replace missing gemstones, and they may even have sample stones that can give you an idea of how the jewelry item will look once this repair has been finished.

Myth: Repairing Estate Jewelry Will Always Take An Extremely Long Time

While repairing these jewelry items will require you to give them to a professional estate jewelry repair service for some time, these items are likely to be ready much sooner than you may assume. Often, the longest portion of the wait will be ordering the needed jewels or other components for the repair. Once all the components are ready, the jewelry repair technician may be able to complete even major repairs in only a few hours. In most cases, you will find that the jewelry should be ready within a couple of weeks, but this will largely depend on the difficulty of getting the needed components, the complexity of the repairs, and the current number of orders the service has.