Saying Your Vows? What Men Should Know About Choosing Their Wedding Ring

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When it comes to choosing wedding jewelry, a lot of the focus is often placed on the engagement ring and bridal wedding band. However, men's wedding rings need just as much attention in the decision-making process as women's rings do. Before you go and buy the first wedding ring that you see, you should consider a few key points. Here are a couple of things to think about to ensure that you get a ring that will fit well and comfortably for many years to come.

Know Your Size

If you ask a woman her ring size, she can usually tell you right away. Most women wear rings on a regular basis and are familiar with their personal ring size as a result. However, many men find that they have no idea what their actual ring size might be.

Before you can find the perfect band, you will need to know what size it has to be. The good news is that most any jeweler can size your finger and let you know what ring size you need. There are even instructions on many jeweler's websites about how to measure your finger yourself, but it's best to have your finger sized by a professional to be sure that it is accurate.

Consider Your Style

Once you know what size ring you'll need, it's time to start thinking about the ring's design itself. Think about your own personal style and how it relates to the different types of wedding bands that are out there. Do you wear mostly gold jewelry or do you find that you prefer silver, tungsten, or something different? Consider your own taste in precious metals to be sure that you choose a band you will be happy with. 

Another style factor that you need to consider is the shape of the band itself. Wedding bands come in a variety of different shapes, and each one fits differently. Comfort bands feature a rounded surface on the inside of the ring, keeping the edges of the ring off your finger so they don't cause your finger to hurt.

Flat rings will sit directly against your skin, and they can feature either flattened or rounded surfaces on the outside of the ring. You may also find that you prefer wider bands over narrow ones or vice versa.

Think About Your Lifestyle

One consideration men have that women don't need to think about as often is the effect of your wedding band on your lifestyle. For example, consider what you do for work. Will you be safe to wear a wedding band at work? Many mechanics and machinists are advised that they should not wear one while they are on duty. Others are advised that they should only wear silicone bands or something nearly indestructible, like carbide wedding rings.

Think about what you do for work as well as what your usual hobbies are and determine how your wedding band selection will fit. If necessary, you can buy the band you really love for wearing most of the time and get a silicone band to wear while you're at work or participating in certain sports or events.

Select Your Adornments

Once you have narrowed down your size, style, and metal, it's time to think about the final piece. If you want your wedding band to be personalized and stand out, you may want to look for one that you can incorporate stones into. Whether you choose birthstones or your favorite gemstone, even men's wedding bands can be outfitted with stones to add some flair and personal touches.

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