Different Earrings For Different Ears

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Have you ever noticed how someone will look so good in their earrings one day, and then the next day you won't like the way they look in the earrings they are wearing? This is because the type of earrings a person wears can really add or take from their appearance. Just as how different haircuts can help accentuate features on a person's face, whether those features are positive or negative, the type of earrings they choose to wear can do this same thing. Learn about different types of earrings and what they can do for a person's appearance here.

Small stud earrings

Small stud earrings can have any type of gem in them, ranging from diamonds to opals, rubies, and more. Stud earrings can also just be tiny balls of the material they are made of, such as gold or silver. The thing to know about small stud earrings is that they can look great on someone with appropriately sized detached earlobes. However, someone with large earlobes may find that small stud earrings only make their earlobes look even bigger. Also, stud earrings can call attention to attached earlobes, and it can be hard to have the earrings placed in a part of the earlobe that looks good.

Large hoop earrings

It takes a special person to really pull off large hoop earrings. A person with a tiny face that doesn't wear a lot of makeup can find that the large hoop earrings overtake their face and become the focal point that people pay attention to when looking at them or even speaking with them. On the other hand, someone with taller or fuller hair that makes their head appear larger and who wears some makeup can generally pull off large hoop earrings. Large hoop earrings can look especially great on people who have wavy to curly hair.

Dangling earrings

Dangling earrings can look good on many people. People with all sizes and shapes of earlobes can pull off this type of earrings. Also, they can look good with all types of hair and hairstyles. Someone with short hair can look good in dangling earrings, but they should choose them a bit shorter than someone who is wearing them with longer hair.


Now that you have some information on how earrings can help a person look better when the right type is worn, you can have an easier time choosing the right type for you.