The Meaning And Power Of Opals

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Do you believe in the healing power of gems and crystals? If so, there is one rock you definitely want to add to your collection: an opal. Known for their smooth surface and firey interior, opals are the birthstone for October, and they also have deep meaning and power. Here's a closer look.

The Power of Change

The name opal is actually said to mean "a change in color" because the stone itself seems to change color as you look at it. Opals are said to give one strength during times of change, so if you are struggling with a transition in life, such as adapting to a new job or a new town, holding your opal can help remind you that change can be beautiful and positive.

Good Luck

For years, opals were said to bring bad luck, but this all changed when black opals were discovered in the late 1800s. The discovery of black opals is said to have erased the bad luck once associated with opals, turning them into a good luck stone. That is not to say that your fortune will reverse completely when you have an opal. But rather, in the presence if the stone, you're more likely to see opportunities that will lead to fortune and good luck. Black opals, especially, are a powerful choice for luck.


In Asia especially, opals are seen as a sign of hope. They are given by mothers to daughters as wedding gifts. Anyone who wears a diamond can use it as a reminder to hope for the future. A moment spent stroking your opal can help re-frame your thoughts so you focus on the good things to come, rather than the pain you may have experienced in the past. That fire inside the opal is a metaphor for the firey hope inside of you!


In a health sense, opals are said to help make you more resilient. Crystal healers believe that they can help the body fight off infection, while also boosting the health of your kidneys and eyes. Those suffering from addictions and chemical dependencies may find that having opals around makes it easier to resist cravings and detoxify.

Add an opal or two to your collection, and enjoy all of the benefits discussed above. Most opals are white, but there are also some gorgeous black, cream, and even blue opals available from reputable jewelry shops. Find gorgeous Ethiopian opals for you or your loved one by calling a gem seller like Unique Gems today.