Add Drama To Your Outfits

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Do you have gorgeous clothes and yet you feel like they need a bit of extra pizzazz to make them look even better? From giving your clothes different looks with the inclusion of unique jewelry pieces to adding accessories like scarves, here are some ideas that might help you to add drama to your outfits.

Do An Evaluation

Before you shop for a single accessory, consider going through your wardrobe so that you can make an assessment of what you want to buy. For instance, perhaps you have a little black dress that you purchased because it fits you perfectly. Yet, you find that you don't wear it often because you feel that it's too plain-looking. That's where the right jewelry comes in. For example, say you want to present a very classic look in your black dress. In that case, consider wearing a single strand of pearls with little pearl stud earrings. Do you want to wear the black dress to a special event -- say, dinner and the theater? Consider purchasing Art Deco jewelry to give the dress a very unique look. You'll probably discover that Art Deco jewelry can be found to fit any budget. In addition, you'll find so many styles that it might be hard for you to select just one set. Think of buying an Art Deco necklace, bracelet, and earring set that you can mix and match with more traditional jewelry you select. For example, the Art Deco earrings might be great when paired with a gold collar necklace. Try different combinations to see which ones you like best. Businesses like Patti Esbia Antique & Estate Jewelry can offer more information.

Additional Accessories - Of course, jewelry isn't the only way you can accessorize your clothing. You probably already know that scarves are great accessories; however, there are different ways to wear them that you may not have tried yet. Consider braiding three complementary scarves together and then wear them as an infinity necklace. Another idea is to loop a scarf through wooden beads, ending up with a casual look. Have you seen the gorgeous long vest-scarves that are sometimes featured in catalogs or in fashion magazines? Consider buying a colorful, silky one to add real drama to slacks and a camisole. Or, choose a plain black vest-scarf to pair with your black dress. Of course, adding the Art Deco jewelry along with the vest-scarf is another idea to add drama to whatever outfit you end up wearing.